Karen Okonkwo

Karen Okonkwo is a first-generation Nigerian-American entrepreneur owning several businesses in the online sector. Her latest business venture, TONL, is a stock photography business that aims to provide diverse images of people all around the world while also trying to tell their stories. Karen considers herself a social entrepreneur and has made it her mission to empower her community. She has been honored for her great work and recently did a TEDX Talk that centered on the importance of seeing yourself in imagery. She has been featured in Forbes, Inc Magazine [30 Under 30 List], POPSUGAR, Adweek and more. Her expertise centers around business development, marketing and event planning. Community and philanthropy is what drives Karen. She believes that representation matters and has visited companies and conferences like REI, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Women In Digital, Adobe, University of Washington and more to speak on the importance of diversity & inclusion on and offline

[PC24] Diversity in Photography Panel

2/25/2020 6:00 PM