Charmi Patel-Pena

Charmi is a documentary wedding photographer, educator and Nikon Ambassador based out of Princeton, NJ. Her success as a wedding photographer specializing in Indian and Southeast Asian weddings stems from her passion for preserving the intimacy of weddings, especially those of her own culture, and her desire to honor ALL wedding traditions by capturing them with the respect they deserve. Her documentary approach, coupled with a tendency to break the rules and push the boundaries, has not only lead to top industry awards, but also to a decade of happy clients and recognition in numerous publications, including Grace Ormond, Mandala Weddings, The New York Times, South Asian Bride, Moment Junkie and more. As an educator, Charmi has graced the stages of conferences including Mystic Seminars, Real Life Conference, CES and more.

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2/26/2020 8:30 AM

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