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2018 Exhibit Space Contract

Complete the 2018 WPPI Expo Exhibit Space Contract Online.

Download the 2018 WPPI Expo Exhibit Space Contract PDF.

Exhibitor Service Manual

View or download the 2018 WPPI Exhibitor Service Manual.

2018 Fact Sheet

Get the quick facts about this year’s show. Download the PDF.

2018 Exhibitor Console

Your Exhibitor Console is a resource for everything you need to have a successful show. Be sure to log in and confirm or provide your company profile information to help attendees find your brand and product categories. The profile information will be used in the printed guide so please be sure to update your information.

2018 Exhibitor Registration

Use this link to access exhibitor registration for WPPI 2018.

2017 Post Show Report

$36 million in purchasing power was represented by almost 10,000 attendees at WPPI in 2017 with over half earning their annual income from photography and 36% owning their own studio. Our continued strategy to bring more qualified attendees by offering a free platform pass to WPPI members has continued to work with an increase of 23% in member orders. This is proof positive that WPPI consistently delivers a qualified and engaged attendee base who are looking for new products, education and innovative ways to grow their business.

Learn more about the 2017 show by downloading our post show report.

Download 2018 WPPI Logos and Banners.

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