Qay Majid
Qay Majid

Hi! I’m Qay (pronounced as the letter K). A little bit about my personal background, I’m a dad of 4 boys, loved traveling, learn about new culture and I don’t give a shit about what people said about me. Weddings by Qay being in the destination wedding photography for the 3rd year and based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My images were published in a few blogs & magazine such as Martha Stewart Weddings, White Magazine, The Modest Bride, Junebug Weddings and a few more. My biggest recognition will be nominated as Rangefinder Rising Star 2017, Brides Magazine Best Wedding Photographer 2018 and the latest one from a photography community, LooksLikeFilm Best Wedding Photographer 2018.I would say that I love the small details in every wedding that I shot. When I shoot, I will try to create a story out of the images. I don’t fake a moment, I steal the moment and I create it. For me, no wedding is the same.  Hope able to share some of my knowledge throughout this conference and can’t wait to make more new friends!

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